Rabbit, Rabbit! Hare, Hare!

Please vote for the National Cherry Blossom Festival as your Favorite Springtime Activity!

rabbitsWe met some new friends at Thursday’s Volunteer Mixer and staffed some great Lead Volunteers!  Sign up now to work the Fireworks Festival with Diani Diaz in the Beer Garden, do some arts and crafts with planner Nicole Breslin-Romano or participate in the VIP viewing party with wedding planner Kim Newton!

hh12These bunnies are more than just cute…we need ’em!  Don’t forget to yell out “Rabbit, rabbit, hare, hare!” on the first day of March to ensure 31 days of good luck!  We are not superstitious but we also won’t turn down help during the first week of spring and our jam packed event schedule.  Its going to be AWESOME!

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